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Yamaha Revstar RS502TFMX ASG Ash Grey Electric Guitar

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The RS502TFMX represents the purest expression of the Revstar design concept. Balanced perfectly on the point where familiarity and uniqueness coincide, the RS502TFMX is everything you hope it’ll be, with custom-built hardware, the unique Revstar shape, and a tone that inspires.

Yamaha's innovative Dry switch on the RS502T gives you the tone-shaping capabilities of a coil tap circuit, even though the RS502T already has single-coil pickups. The push-pull Dry switch is actually a passive filter that cuts out low frequencies, giving your tone even more clarity and punch to cut through the mix.

  • 3-Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Maple and Mahogany Body, Flamed Maple Laminated
  • Hand Brushed Satin (Steel wool) Finish
  • P-90 Single Coil Pickups/Alnico V
  • Push-Pull "Dry Switch"
  • Original Aluminum Tailpiece


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