Caparison Guitars

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Caparison Guitars formed in 1995 with the requirements of the player, based on experience of professional musicians at the heart of our design. We aim to build instruments that feel like they were made specifically for you. Using the finest woods, pickups and application of finishes, we ensure the functionality and aesthetics that would traditionally be reserved for custom instruments is applied to every one of our creations. It is our aim to ensure the best possible playability and experience for you.

These are among the basic concepts of Caparison Guitars Design. Design is not only when the pen meets paper, but also the selection of woods, choice of pickups, application of finishes and every component, no matter the size. The total package is everything to us: stability, tone, playability, reliability and aesthetics. At Caparison we want to build you an instrument that, from the hand-applied colours to the unique fingerboard inlays, feels like it was made specifically for you.