Yamaha Pacifica PACP12M BBB 6 String Electric Guitar Beach Blue Burst

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Yamaha’s Pacifica solidbody electric guitars, introduced in 1990, gained instant worldwide popularity thanks to their outstanding quality and value. Indeed, with the Pacifica’s smooth playability and sonic versatility, it didn’t take long for it to become a stalwart on the LA session scene. Yamaha is excited to share the ALL NEW high-end line of Pacificas designed by Yamaha Japan in partnership with Yamaha Artist Services in Hollywood.

Featuring lightweight, resonant chambered bodies, top-shelf hardware, and powerful pickups developed by Rupert Neve Designs, these guitars raise the bar for performance and sound while retaining the series’ renowned affordability. Spec’d with Rupert Neve Reflectone pickups in an HSS configuration, the professional-grade Yamaha PACP12 Pacifica serves up the fat, snarling lead tones and shimmering cleans evocative of coveted vintage humbuckers and single-coils.


Pacifica Professional
Pacifica Professional guitars were designed for players seeking their own unique sounds. Meticulously crafter in Japan, they deliver superb sound and playability, and feature alder bodies, slim C-shape maple necks with compound-radius rosewood or maple fingerboards, Reflectone pickups co-developed with Rupert Neve Designs, and a choice of several vibrant finishes.

Acoustic Design Technology Produces Balanced Tone
Yamaha's Acoustic Design technology utilizes scientific processes such as 3D modeling to devise wood-routing techniques that increase body resonance and improve the transfer of vibrations between neck and body.

Exceptional Playability
With its slim C-shape, carved neck joint heel, beveled body, and compound 10-14" fingerboard radius, the Pacifica Professional is exceptionally easy and comfortable to play.

Slim C-Shape Maple Neck
A modern neck shape that facilitates both comfort and speed, combined with a Custom Tinted Satin finish for smooth, friction-free playability.

Carved Neck Joint Heel
The smoothly contoured neck heels makes accessing even the uppermost frets both comfortable and easy.

Comfortable Contoured Body
The alder body is beveled along the lower bout to increase playing comfort.

Compound-Radius Fingerboard
The 10-14" compound-radius fingerboard enables you to play chords cleanly and accurately lower the neck, while also making it easier to bend notes higher on the neck when soloing.

Newly Designed Pickups Provide Clear Tone
New Reflectone pickups created in collaboration with Rupert Neve Design deliver clear and articulate tones with solid lows and sparkling highs, while the HSS pickup configuration combined with coil-splitting capabilities results in outstanding versatility.

Aesthetics Inspired by Japanese City Pop Art
A variety of vibrant finishes were developed jointly by teams in Hamamatsu and Los Angeles, inspired by Japanese city pop art and the sun-soaked vibes of Southern California.

Initial Response Acceleration
Exclusive Initial Response Acceleration (I.R.A) treatment applied after construction results in an instrument with maximum resonance and sustain.

Medium Stainless-Steel Frets
Stainless-steel frets are exceptionally durable, while also lessening resistance when bending strings.

Premium Gotoh Hardware
Gotoh locking tuners, combined with the Gotoh 2-point tremolo bridge, ensure smooth operation and exceptional pitch stability.

The PACP12M features a maple fingerboard, new Reflectone pickups, and a choice of three vibrant finishes.

  • Made in Japan - comes with Certificate of Authenticity 
  • HSS pickup configuration with 5-way Selector
  • Reflectone pickups created in collaboration with Rupert Neve Designs
  • Choice of four new finishes with a Southern California vibe
  • Control for Volume and Tone (with push-pull coil split)
  • Alder body built using Acoustic Design technology
  • Slim C-shape maple neck with Custom Tinted Satin finish
  • Maple compound radius (10-14") fingerboard
  • Hardshell case


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