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USED Synergy SYN-1 Preamp Module Holder Amplifier DI

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Just in, pre-owned Synergy SYN-1 (note, dings on the front left side of housing). 
Perfect working order, but some cosmetic damage, shown in the main photo. 

Pairs with all Syngery modules

Unlock the full potential of your Synergy preamp modules with the convenient and powerful SYN-1 Single Module Tube Preamp. The SYN-1 is a roadworthy, professional housing that is compatible with any of Synergy’s interchangeable preamp modules. Want to change your sound? Simply slide in a different Synergy preamp module and you can access a whole new array of boutique amp tones.

The SYN-1 provides a powerful, flexible gateway to boutique tone in several different ways. Using the SYN-1 loaded with a Synergy module you can:

  1. Go direct out (XLR or ¼”) into a recording console, concert venue mixer or powered monitor
  2. Add two new “boutique” channels to your current amp via the series effects loop

Run from the direct out of the Synergy into your current amp’s input if there is no effects loop (This method does NOT bypass your preamp, and only gives you the 2 channels of your Synergy module). 


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