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Strandberg Salen Jazz NX 6 String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Black

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A new modern classic, the Sälen, incorporating most of the features in the original Boden design with an undeniable tip-of-the-cap to a classic solidbody design that has stood strong for nearly seven decades, now features the NX updates that have been successfully implemented to the Boden line. A thoughtful synthesis of the retro-classic and cutting-edge innovation, the Sälen is at once familiar and unabashedly forward-looking. Classic tonewoods and construction techniques with modern design and radical features meld cohesively into a seamless whole.

The inspiration from which the Sälen NX sprouted from sparked a musical revolution that still resonates today, and we sought to take this inspiration to a new level of look, functionality, ergonomics, sound, and playability. Incorporating our lightweight headless design, multi-scale fanned frets, the patented EndurNeck, and aerospace-grade hardware, you get all of the features that a .strandberg* guitar is acclaimed for but also with the look and sound that conjures up the glorious eras of guitar-driven music, from classic rock to pop and country to jazz.

The Sälen NX Jazz model features our own Classic humbuckers designed and manufactured in California by legendary pickup designer Michael Frank. The .strandberg* MF Classic humbuckers are vintage flavored to provide a wide range of classic tones – from earthy blues and classic rock to warm and sweet jazz – as well as providing enough kick for hard rock and other high-gain applications. Full and rich sounding while retaining clarity and definition, these humbuckers match up perfectly with the Jazz model’s Mahogany woods of the body and neck and Rosewood fretboard.

S/N: C2301613
Weight: 5lb 4oz

Sälen NX Jazz

  • .strandberg* single cutaway Sälen body shape
  • Chambered Mahogany body with plain Maple top
  • Mahogany neck with carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Patented EndurNeck profile neck
  • Indian Rosewood fretboard
  • 24 x stainless steel frets with 20” fretboard radius
  • .strandberg* EGS Series 7 fixed bridge and string locks, Chrome
  • .strandberg* MF Classic humbuckers
  • Black pickguard
  • Anodized aluminum Volume/Tone controls
  • Original Illuminlay side and face dot markers
  • Color: Natural or Trans Burgundy


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