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Strandberg Boden True Temperment 7 String TT Blue Flame Maple

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The innovative Boden design takes the next step with the implementation of the revolutionary True Temperament fretting system

Over the past decade, the .strandberg* Boden has been heralded as a bold new concept that takes the electric guitar design into the 21st century. Now this design is fused with the truly revolutionary True Temperament fretting system which has been custom calibrated to the Boden’s multi-scale lengths and allows the player to achieve virtually perfect intonation with every string in every position of the fretboard. Take the clear, balanced and organic sonic character of the Boden to a new level with the tuning perfection that True Temperament delivers.

Ergonomics for your ears

Guitar players can be notoriously demanding and finicky when it comes to intonation. Just as you seek to find the perfect combination of woods for a tone you envision in your mind or the ideal neck shape that provides comfort while you play, you also care about each note and chord you play being in tune. The physical ergonomics that you’ve become come to love in the Boden with its lightweight design and the patented EndurNeck™ now gets what can be considered “ergonomics for your ears” – tuning that brings comfort to your ears the moment you strum the first chord.

Improved tuning means maximum resonance

When notes are almost perfectly in tune with each other, the strings vibrate more freely and loudly. This results in increased volume and sustain of the instrument. The difference may be subtle at first but, the more you play, the more you will hear the benefits that the True Temperament frets provide. Not only will the natural acoustic character sound more pleasing and sweeter to your ears but you will also notice a blooming character that you not only hear but feel in your hands and against your body.

Easy playing adjustment

In the same way so many players have easily adjusted to Boden’s headless design and the revolutionary EndurNeck™, you will find the True Temperament frets equally easy to get comfortable with. The curved frets may seem disorienting at first – just like the EndurNeck™ initially was to many players – but the benefits will soon become apparent and you will find that it isn’t as foreign as it initially looked. Very little playing adjustment is necessary and, once you start really hearing what you are playing, you may never want to put it down.



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