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Strandberg Boden Classic 7 Ghost White

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The Boden Classic models incorporate a pickguard on a solid Alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound while retaining all of the key features of the original Boden design. Compared to a chambered body, the solid body provides slightly more midrange with a punchier tone. The Roasted Maple neck or with Roasted Maple or Pau Ferro fretboard add strong upper mids and brilliance and combine with the warmth of Alder for a big, open and balanced sound.
The individual bridge pieces and tremolo system machined out of aircraft grade aluminum play a vital role in the Boden’s unique acoustic character – clear, organic and balanced with a fast and articulate pick attack. The unique hardware coupled with the Alder, Maple and Pau Ferro woods deliver a classic solidbody sound that is at once warm and woody as well as tight and punchy with touch sensitive responsiveness. Like with all other Boden models, you will hear details in your playing that you have not heard before and which you can shape to bring out all the individual characteristics of your unique playing style.
Classic 7 & 8 fixed bridge
Solid Alder body
Roasted Maple with 5-ply CF reinforcement
Roasted Maple fretboard
25.5”–26.25” (7), 26.5”–28.0” (8)
24 Jescar stainless steel frets
.strandberg*-design OEM pickups
.strandberg* EGS Pro fixed bridge
White Pearloid of Black Pearloid pickguard
Available in Ghost White or Graphite


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