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Revv Amplification

Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate Pedal Black

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Introducing the new Revv G8 Noise Gate. From slight noise
cancellation to ultra tight high gain, it’s never been more
effortless to have fine tune your sound. Completely natural,
unaltered pick attack, separate Hold and Release controls for
maximum decay shaping, and a transparent threshold that
allows your tone to naturally bloom.

• Based on the gate in the Generator 120 MK3
• Effortlessly cleans noise and focuses on specific frequencies
• Hold, Release, and Threshold controls allow optimum control
• Send/Return loop for gating pedals or creating a side chain
• Easy to use format means more time focused on performing
• True bypass for maximum clarity and zero signal loss
• Top mounted 1/4” Input and Output jacks
• 9v-12V, Center Pin Negative 50mA
• Built to last durable construction
• Optimized for use with any Analog, Digital or Hybrid Rig
• Black sparkle chassis with printed geometric design
• Designed and built in Canada
• 2 Year Warranty


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