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Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith PRS OEM SE Upgrade Tier 2 Performance Kit

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Core Rings Colour
Lampshade Knobs Colour
PRS USA Pickups

So you've got a PRS SE Electric Guitar and it is excellent, but you've been thinking about ways to make it even more of a killer axe - you've come to the right place.

Our PRS SE Tier 2 upgrade package is designed as a futher add on to the easy, all-in-one solution Tier 1 kit by adding official OEM PRS pickups to the package. With this kit, you get all of the original PRS OEM parts from Tier 1, plus your choice of PRS USA pickups, bringing your guitar as close as possible to the USA Core line!

- PRS OEM SE Locking Nickel Tuners (set of 6)
- PRS OEM Core Pickup Rings (2pc) (Ivory or Black)
- PRS OEM Lampshade Knobs (2pc) (Clear or Amber)
- PRS OEM Core USA Nut - Black (proprietary material)
- Choice of PRS OEM Pickups Set (2pc)

*Please note, the locking tuners are for non-vintage models only, so these will not fit on the Silver Sky SE, McCarty SE, Zach Myers SE.

**SE guitars with 4 knobs such as the Tremonti SE will require purchase of 2 additional knobs


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