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Origin Effects

Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive Pedal

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A mid-forward Drive that adapts to your playing!

The Halcyon Overdrive is a classic low-gain drive pedal featuring Origin Effects’ proprietary Adaptive circuitry.

This unique design allows it to adapt its voicing in response to pick attack and volume changes.

You've essentially got one of the most dynamic and interactive overdrives out there!

While it's based on the Green pedal that inspired countless clones, the Halcyon goes way beyond what the average drive has to offer.

Origin Effects based this pedal on the Ibanez Tube Screamer for a reason.

Its mid-forward voicing, low-gain drive and a touch of clean signal make it a great choice for pushing an amp.

It's the perfect way to jump out of the mix with a thick solo tone!

However, once you turn down your guitar volume or play softly, that mid-pushed drive tone can become a thin, nasal clean tone.

It’s this all-or-nothing nature of classic drives that has us stacking numerous pedals for various shades of saturation.

The Adaptive circuitry in the Halcyon Green Overdrive is Origin Effects’ solution to this problem.

The Origin Effects Halcyon packs all the magic of a vintage TS808, but a responsiveness that is usually only found in the best tube amps!

Origin Effects Halcyon Overdrive Pedal features:

• Origin Effects’ homage to the classic TubeScreamer!

• Adaptive circuitry responds to volume changes and playing dynamics.

• Dry level control for extra tweakability.

• Voice switch offers two types of mid push.

• Premium components throughout.

• Current Draw: 80mA.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Dimensions: 4.8" x 2.5" x 2.3".


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