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FU-Tone PMS (Pickup Mounting System) Brass

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*NEW* FU-Tone and Mike Learn are pleased to bring you the new PMS (Pickup Mounting System)! The PMS mounts directly into your pickup cavity giving your pick up a direct mounting platform of our famous FU Bell Brass. The increased resonance form the body to the brass to your pickup will add more warmth and sustain.

Guitar pickups do not just “listen” to the strings in motion above, they feed off the vibrations happening all around them. Poorly mounted pickups can actually cancel some frequencies. Mount pickups directly into the wood of the guitar, and you get improved tonal response. Add a piece of tone resonate material like the new PMS by FU and the results are even more intense.

The PMS solution is designed to elicit the maximum performance from your pickup. When properly installed, this patented system amplifies the wood’s natural resonant frequencies, energizes the tone of your guitar and optimizes the sonic range of your pickup.

NOTE: The PMS kit supplies several different screw lengths to allow for
mounting to any guitar set up.


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