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Dingwall Long Scale 6 String Bass Nickel Plated Strings 30-130

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The Dingwall Nickel Plated Steel Long-Scale strings are custom wound specifically for Dingwall basses.  Each string gauge and string winding length has been fine-tuned for the ultimate balanced feel and tone.  Dingwall Nickel Plated Steel strings have a smoother tone and feel with slightly higher tension when compared to the Dingwall Long-Scale Stainless Steel strings.

Dingwall Nickel Plated Steel Long Scale 5-String Set Specifications:
  • .030 .045 .055 .080T .100T .130T
  • 39.25" Winding Length on B & E-String Only, 38" on others
  • 2" Taper Length
Dingwall Nickel Plated Steel Long Scale 5-String Set Fits:
  • Dingwall Combustion Bass
  • Dingwall Afterburner Series Bass
  • Dingwall Z-Series Bass
  • Dingwall Prima Artist Bass



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