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Balaguer Guitars Fission Drive V2 Overdrive Pedal (Black)

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The Fission Drive v2 is a pre-amp overdrive/distortion pedal with two unique gain topologies in one circuit. This is the v2 (Second Version) of our Fission Drive which has been re-voiced by Joe Balaguer to improve upon the clarity and attack of the original, plus it is now outfitted with top-mounted jacks!

It works great in front of tube amps, in the FX loop, or paired with your favorite modeler.  Built with versatility in mind, The Fission Drive excels as a clean boost, fuzz, or high-gain “amp in a box” distortion pedal.

Lets talk about the specifics:

Modern Mode– designed after our favorite high-gain amp topologies, this mode has a ton of gain on tap. It provides clear and articulate harmonic content not unlike a boutique high-gain tube amp. The gain structure is tight and focused, perfect for modern rock or metal.  Though if you back off the Pre/Post knobs it can excel as a pushed clean or mid-gain solo tone.

Vintage Mode– designed after our favorite Citrus-Colored amps, this mode has added bass and gain but blooms a bit more than the Modern Mode. Great for doom, rock, and can even be used as a fuzz when the Pre/Post knobs are dimed.

Pre – this knob controls the first gain stage of The Fission Drive, and it reacts as the pre-amp stages would react within a tube amp. The higher you turn this knob up, the more natural gain will be added to the signal. Both the Pre & Post knobs react differently depending upon which mode you’re in (Vintage or Modern).

Post – this knob controls the second gain stage of The Fission Drive, but adds additional resonance and lower mid presence to the signal.

Master– this controls the overall signal volume of The Fission Drive.  Use this knob in tandem with the Post knob to create a more unique “sag” sound when turned up together. (You may need to compensate your amp’s volume to even out the overall volume).

Treble & Bass– additional controls to further tailor your tone.

True Bypass, Made in the USA with Switchcraft Jacks, and built to last.


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