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Amplitube Tonex One Compact Pedal

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Less is more. Much more.
TONEX One delivers the same cutting-edge amp, cab, and pedal tones as TONEX Pedal, but in a pocket-sized, streamlined device.
TONEX One can replace any amp, boost, overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal, and its small size allows it to fit anywhere on any pedalboard. And with adjustable knob colors, any artist can afford to stack and configure as many independent effects as they need and easily tell them apart on stage.

With the world's best tones taking up half the size of a traditional stomp pedal, there's no limit to what a pedalboard can do.

TONEX One offers 2 performance modes
The dual preset mode hosts two presets, allowing the footswitch to toggle between them. It functions akin to a two channel amp - artists can have both clean and crunch sounds in one box, easily toggling between two completely different sets of Tone Models and settings.

The on-off mode works just like most pedals, toggling between a single preset and a bypassed state. This mode makes TONEX One an ideal overdrive pedal offering limitless choices of overdrive, fuzz and more.

Best of all, TONEX One lets users save up to 8 banks of unique dual/on-off combinations, for a total of 24 total onboard Tone Models. With the ability to stack multiple TONEX One on a single board, the combinations are endless.

Colorful and customizable
The micro-knob colors on the TONEX One can be customized to match any pedalboard aesthetic and facilitate easy identi1cation of different TONEX One units on a single pedalboard.

Given its size and affordable price, this lets users load more than one TONEX One and stack them according to their preferences. For instance, an overdrive in red, distortion in blue, fuzz in purple, and amp in amber.

The available colors include red, green, amber (default), yellow, cyan, blue, pink, purple, white and off.

An endless ecosystem of tone
TONEX One offers complete access to the TONEX ecosystem. Connecting to a computer via USB-C, users can load dozens of included Tone Models, any they create themselves, or choose from over 25,000 available Tone Models on ToneNET. Just connect the included TONEX Librarian to easily load, save and manage all Tone Models in seconds.


• Advanced AI Machine Modeling™ technology for hyper-realistic tone
• Play models of amps, amps+cabs, combos or distortion, overdrive, fuzz, boost and EQ pedals
• Stores up to 8 banks of 3 Tone Models each (2 for dual mode, 1 for bypass mode)
• Gain, bass, mid, treble, and volume controls
• Onboard EQ, gate, compressor and reverb
• Tracks all on-stage changes with "always saved" behavior
• Dual A/B or on/off operating modes
• Cabinet bypass to connect to traditional rigs
• TRS stereo output to connect to other pedals, PA or headphones
• Runs on standard 9v pedal power supplies
• Also works as a USB audio interface for recording
• Access to ToneNET to share, download and load over 25,000 free and premium Tone Models


- Size: 3.7 x 1.9 x 2.1" (94 x 48 x 53 mm)
- Weight: 160 g (0.35 lbs.)


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