Riversong Acoustic Guitars

Time To Get Technical

Tension issues are a constant in standard conventional acoustic guitars. It’s the same issue over and over again. The neck joint moves, compromising the sound of the instrument. The reset is a complicated process and the cost of repair exorbitant.

Their initial breakthrough came on January 20th 2009, the day of U.S. President Barack Obama’s Inauguration. The sponsoring thought: what if the neck ran all the way through the guitar. This sparked Mike, and up came the idea that would eliminate all structural tension issues. The question was “ would we build a guitar the same way if we didn’t worry about strength for string tension? ” Mike realized the key was making that tension go down the neck rather than into the body. What they discovered is when you eliminate all of the structural bracing on the guitar it makes it more resonate. “ We unshackled it and it exploded with sound.” The outcome was a tonally balanced guitar with more output, a balance you’re always striving for when building a guitar.

We discovered our design was easy to build and gave us the adjustability no one else has. By connecting the neck to a structural brace running through the guitar and attaching to the bottom instead of the top, the tension from the strings goes through the strut and back to the neck itself, allowing the top to float freely. The resonance was bar none.

The ripple effects just kept coming, by moving the neck in and out of its pocket, intonation can be adjusted due to the “neck thru” design. The neck angle can be adjusted for string height, the player’s individual style, and even humidity under full string tension! Can you imagine – a guitar that can be adjusted literally on the fly with a key at the bottom. Never before has the player held the power to adjust the feel of their acoustic guitar without affecting the tone or the important string load on the guitar. Without a doubt guitar players will love the precise and consistent feel of Riversong Guitars. It’s finally in the player’s hands.

Only in Canada eh!

British Columbia is famous for it’s Forestry and being the world supplier of tone-woods. Riversong Guitars draws from our bountiful resources, Sitka Spruce, Big Leaf Maple (Quilted, Flame, Spalted), Walnut, Chillakwian Maple and Wild Cherry to name a few. With a bicoastal undercurrent, our “Tradition Canadian“ Model is very unique,” says Mike “ because of its East (Eastern Adirondack Spruce) meets West (Western Sitka Spruce) combination. This blend gives a very lively sound.