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USED Nordvang No. 1 Signature V2 Overdrive Pedal

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- Schottky diodes - Higher headroom, more punchy low end and less compression.
- No diodes - Loads of headroom and no compression. At higher gain settings it will get LOUD.

The different clipping options combined with the Pre Drive, further expands the tonal possibilities of the No.1 Signature

The No.1 Sig. features control knobs for gain, tone and volume and two toggle switches for clipping and the Pre Drive.

No.1 Signature.
- Replica of the K-circuit.
- Buffered relay bypass
- External three position Clipping switch to choose between a pair of Germanium clipping diodes, a pair of Schottky clipping diodes or "no didoes"
- Original Russian D9B germanium diodes.
- Switchable Pre Drive - overdrive stage.

The No.1 Signature is built using carefully selected top shelf components:
- VISHAY 1% metalfilm resistors
- Audiophile WIMA MKP10, MKS4, FKP2 and Panasonic film capacitors
- NO electrolytical capacitors in the audio circuit.
- VIMEX potentiometers
- CARLING Footswitch
- TAIWAY toggle switches
- Silver plated teflon insulated cable for internal wiring.
- US made DAVIES MOULDING 1470 knobs


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