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Ibanez PCP14MHC1 Kaleido Guitar Picks (6) 0.88mm

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The KALEIDO series picks are made of a co-polyester material called "Tritan" (“Tritan” is a trademark of the Eastman Chemical Company, Tennessee, USA). Tritan is transparent like glass, yet durable and easy to shape. Ibanez is the first company to utilize this unique material for guitar picks. KALEIDO picks have bold, colorful graphics and a milder sonic attack, allowing for an effortless control of nuance and touch.

KALEIDO picks are slightly softer compared to ordinary picks and are available in three different thicknesses: medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy.


  • Product Name: KALEIDO Series Pick
  • Thickness: 0.88mm
  • Material: Copolyester
  • Shape: Teardrop Shape
  • Pick Set: 6-Pack assortment


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