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Yamaha THR100H Dual 100w 2 Channel Amp Head - Guitar Brando
Yamaha THR100H Dual 100w 2 Channel Amp Head - Guitar Brando
Yamaha THR100H Dual 100w 2 Channel Amp Head - Guitar Brando
Yamaha THR100H Dual 100w 2 Channel Amp Head - Guitar Brando

Yamaha THR100H Dual 100w 2 Channel Amp Head

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Get ready to experience a whole new level of tone creation. THR100H Dual packs true dual-amp functionality into a single 5kg package. Both amps feature five custom-voiced amp types with natural, organic overdrive, Yamaha’s new ultra-dynamic power amp with selectable output tube simulations and selectable class A or A/B topology, independently assignable boosters, reverbs and IR speaker simulators, as well as selectable single or true dual-discrete inputs for genuine dual-path connectivity. 

  • Dual Amp Functionality
  • Tube Type : EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, EL84, 6V6
  • Rated Power Output : Single Amp / 100W (8/16Ω) 50W (4Ω), Dual Amp / 100W (50W+50W)

Five Amps at the Flick of a Switch
Whether you use pedals for your overdrive or just crank up your volume control, one great amp sound is where it all starts. However, when you want to take your sound in a new direction, THR amp heads feature a single-channel design with five distinct custom amp types from solid state to modified high-gain.

MODERN - Modded drive: An "American-modded" version of the Lead amp-type. Saturated preamp tubes with singing highs, thick mids and cranked sustain
LEAD - Crunch heaven: Medium-gain British tone with rich, controllable overdrive and great definition. Punchy midrange, explosive attack and perfect definition for chords
CRUNCH - Caramel clean: Low-powered, bright British tone with soft touch and chiming high-end. Ultra-organic low-gain, buttery lows and incredible dynamics
CLEAN - Satin clean: Warm, rounded American tone with late breakup and incredible dynamics. Perfectly smooth lows and mids, with expressive attack and natural compression
SOLID - Clean, solid-state amp for zero breakup at any level
DUAL Mode A - Articulation drive: mid-heavy crunch tone adds shimmer, sparkle and depth to smooth distortion
DUAL Mode B - Textured clean: perfectly balanced warmth and sparkle, with unbelievable pick response and shimmering upper mids

Tube-less VCM Technology
The choice of power tubes in any amp can make a vital difference. From the warm, soft, rich harmonics of a 6V6 to the pronounced midrange and tight low-end of an EL34, changing your tubes changes your amp. However, selecting the right tubes can be difficult. Swapping them out and re-biasing your amp takes a lot of time and money, and it's easy to make a mistake if you're not entirely sure what you're doing. Accordingly, THR heads feature new VCM simulation, allowing you to select five classic tube types with nothing more than the flick of a switch. You can even choose smooth compression, soft touch and old-school distortion of class A, or the tight bass response, greater headroom and increased dynamics of class A/B for each tube type.

6V6: Warm, soft, round sound with rich harmonics and easy distortion
EL84: Smooth feel with soft, tactile, harmonically rich response and a pleasingly musical top end. Widely used in modern class A amps
KT88: Big, clean, tight sound with outstanding headroomgreat for rock, where more pronounced note definition is desirable
6L6GC: Strong, pronounced midrange character and bright, clean, powerful punch. Commonly associated with American guitar sounds
EL34: Pronounced midrange, tight low end and crisp treble. The most recognizable British guitar sound.

Utility Software
THR amp heads are equipped with USB functionality which lets you connect to your computer for quick and easy configuration of the on-board reverb and booster effects, switching between serial and parallel effects setups and uploading IR data files.

Impulse Response Speaker Simulation
An amp only sounds as good as the last link in the signal chain, and in a great sounding rig, that is usually a cabinet and microphone. THR heads use impulse response speaker simulation to drive a DI tone that's indistinguishable from a perfectly mic'd cabinet. With simulations of a range of industry-standard cabinets and mics available via USB connection with your PC, THR heads gives you a host of options straight out of the box. But, it doesn't stop there! You can use any IR file available online, taking advantage of a huge community of tone-hounds creating custom impulses for download, or even use third party software to create your own. The difference in tone can range from subtle to significant, and the possibilities are endless.

• 5 Amp sounds at the flick of a switch
• VCM technology replicates 5 different tube-type amps
• Dual channel functionality with totally independant controls and A/B/A+B switching
• Classic manual controls
• Optional utility software gives you even more control over sounds and settings
• Perfect head for THR cabinets
• Compact, lightweight design with convenient carry handle
• Included footswitch controls reverb/boost/effects loop and includes a cable

Amp Type: Solid, Clean, Crunch, Lead, Modern
Tube Type: EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, EL84, 6V6
Effects: BOOSTER (*White/Amber/Green), REVERB (*Hall/Room/Plate/Spring), NOISE GATE (*OFF/1/2/3), FX LOOP (*PARALLEL/SERIAL), SPEAKER SIMULATION (*Impulse Response) *Only selectable in the THR HD_H Utility Software
Control SW Rear: CLASS A/AB x2, GND LIFT, IMPEDANCE 4/8/16?, POWER OUTPUT 25/50/100W
Control Rear Knob: TUBE TYPE SELECT x2
Input/Output Front: INPUT I (1/4" Phone), INPUT II (1/4" Phone)
Input/Output Rear: PHONES (1/8" Mini Stereo), FOOTSWITCH (5pin DIN), EFFECT LOOP SEND/RETURN (Stereo 1/4" Phone), SPEAKER OUT 1 (1/4" Phone), SPEAKER OUT 2 (1/4" Phone), LINE OUT I (XLR), LINE OUT II (XLR), AC IN Jack
USB (to host): Yes
Power Amplifier Type: Class D
Rated Power Output: Single Amp: 100W (8/16?) 50W (4?), Dual Amp: 100W (50W+50W)
A/D Resolution: 24 bit + 3 bit floating
A/D Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
D/A Resolution: 24 bit
D/A Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
Input Level:
• INPUT: -10 dBu / 1M?
• RETURN: 0 dBu / 10k?
Output Level:
• PHONES: 10 mW / 30?
• SEND: 0 dBu / 10k?
• LINE OUT: +4 dBu / 600?
Power Consumption: 60W
• Voltage: 100 - 240 V
• Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
PC Interface Type: USB 2.0
Dimensions: 445mm x 248mm x 125mm (17.5" x 9.8" x 4.9")
Weight: 4.2 kg (9.26 lb)
Included Accessories: AC Cable, Footswitch, Footswitch Cabe, User Manual